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Accountability is Queen!

Includes 6 x 30 minute sessions + 1 x 60 minute session

Initial payment of $450.00 + 2 payments of $450.00
- OR - Single payment of $1150.00 (save $200.00)

Hello Queen!

Here is what I know about you. You have goals that you want to achieve and you are so serious about achieving them but then life happens and it knocks you off track. Every distraction from family, work and other relational obligations at times rob you of your focused energy.

I am going to assume that you are ready to push through those obstacles and nail the goals very important to you.

Repeat after me: "I will focus beyond life's complications!"

Did that resonate with you? Did you feel the power those words have when you say them out loud?

Repeat after me: "I will focus beyond life's complications!" I believe you can and I am here to coach you through those moments.

I have had the pleasure of helping women to achieve their goals in business, pageantry, education and health & wellness. I would like to now help you. I have been in that place where life was so busy that I could not focus on the things important to me, things that put a smile on my face nor things that fed my soul. It took me being accountable to my truth tellers to achieve my goals and that is why I want to help you.

Let me be your accountability Queen for at minimum 6 weeks. I will support you and be your inspirational cheerleader to help you get to these simple words "It is done!" I will help you create your goal map so that when " life stuff" happens you have a reference point to pull you back and of course me reminding you of why you are being held accountable is key Queen.

Every Queen needs another Queen to support her because in this world we are not alone and our greatness is feed by the strength of others. Are you ready?

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